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About Jennifer Meihofer

Combining her vast skills and knowledge, Jennifer expertly guides her clients towards the highest ideal of health and well being. Her warm and engaging nature quickly sets clients at ease allowing them to open up and let healing unfold in natural and harmonious way.


Jennifer Meihofer studied at the Hudson Valley School of Homeopathy for five years with Master Homeopath David Kramer. Four of those years were spent in clinical studies and she received her Certificate of Competency in Homeopathic Training as a Classical Homeopath in 2007. As homeopathy is a lifelong dedication, she has since continued her education with the British Institute of Homeopathy, and received continuing education credits in Mastering the Art of Homeopathy with Will Taylor, Kim Ellia, and Alister Gray - power houses in the world of Homeopathy today. She is a member of NCH - the National Center for Homeopathy.


Jennifer Meihofer was first ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 1996 through the Loving Touch Center. With a deep desire to connect with people and to understand what it means to be concious beings, she has studied all the major spiritual traditions as well as having travelled abroad to deepen her experience and knowledge. Additionally she studied as a Master Photographer at Long Island University, Southampton NY, and film at the New York Film Academy. She is the owner of Spirit Catcher Studios.


Jennifer has been helping individuals find greater health, peace and balance in their lives as a wholistic health care practitioner for more for more than fifteen years. Not only is she a Classical Homeopathic Consultant, she is also a Reiki Master, Interfaith Minister/Spiritual Counselor, Meditation Teacher, and has been the Publisher of the "Directory of Holistic Practices and Providers" and "The Inner Voice." She has been a Hospice volunteer since 2009. Her photography strives to capture the inner essence of all her subjects.


Jennifer Meihofer currently maintains a homeopathic practice in Bridgehampton, New York



Hamptons, Long Island, United States, The World

Phone: 631-445-1884

Email: Spiritcatcherstudio@gmail.com


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Jennifer is a Professional Photographer! I offer a Professional Wedding Photography package as well! Perfect for smaller weddings that would like beautiful portraits without commiting to a huge photography contract. 

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