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Dear Jennifer


Thank you for your expertise, skill and extensive knowledge in Homeopathy. As a fellow health professional skilled in many aspects of healing and wellness, until you agreed to take my case, I knew very little about this powerful, extremely underutilized field of healing. Now, thanks to you, I am enlightened.


From the beginning I was literally astonished at the amount of time you spent with me in order to fully analyze every detail of my inner self so that you could make a complete and thorough assessment of my specific needs. Thankfully, as it turns out, your intuitions were extremely accurate as your recommended remedy and instructions allowed me to have a very positive experience regarding the issues that I very much needed to address and resolve.


I sincerely hope that many others discover Homeopathy through you and your work as there is no doubt in my mind that as a spiritual guide and healer that they would also achieve the same wonderful results that I experienced under your guidance. 


With love and light,

Dr. Heri Rosenbum, D.C.



Hamptons, Long Island, United States, The World

Phone: 631-445-1884

Email: Spiritcatcherstudio@gmail.com


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