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Hamptons Homeopathy Spirit Catcher Ceremonies Spirit Catcher Studio Jennifer Meihofer

Why Choose Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a highly individualized and profound healing system that safely and effectively treats imbalance and disease on all levels. From chronic physical ailments to acute care, it's application is expansive. It is appropriate for newborns to grandparents, for skin problems to emotional struggles and every conceivable challenge in between.


Due to its broad spectrum of effectiveness, a homeopath must be extremely diligent in the gathering of information from the client. Jennifer Meihofer is a highly trained homeopath who has developed the art of recognizing the subtle nuances that make each individual express themselves in a unique way, thereby she is able to choose the most precise remedy for maximum effectiveness and the highest ideal for cure.

Reasons for Using Homeopathy

  • It is extremely safe. Babies, pregnant woman and elderly individuals can all use homeopathy without risk of dangerous side effects.
  • It works in harmony with your immune system, stimulating and strengthening rather than suppressing it, as is the case with most conventional medicinals. Over time clients report getting sick less and less frequently.
  • It is a very effective, gentle and rapid method of healing.

Who Should Use Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is gentle enough to administer to new born infants, and every age up to the elderly. It has the ability to clear acute onset symptoms, as well as pathology that has been plaguing clients for decades. From skin problems to emotional struggles and every conceivable challenge in between, the application of homeopathy is expansive. In truth, almost anyone could benefit from a well chosen remedy. 


Individuals whose systems are the most clear of suppressive medications and toxins will respond most effectively to homeopathy. Allopathic medication suppresses  the expression of symptoms, while homeopathy uses the symptoms as guide posts. In essence they are opposing approaches. However by eliciting what the symptoms were prior to the use of the western medicine, we can still work with clients and help improve their condition. It is never advocated that an individual come off of long term prescription drugs without being overseen by the prescribing physician. Usually individuals seeking homeopathy understand the consequences of allopathic medications and are already seeking to make a change. It is often the case that over time, with continued and dedicated homeopathic treatment, the need for prescriptions drugs becomes greatly reduced. 


Some instances of successful treatment include: depression, anxiety, rheumatism, herpetic eruptions, eczema, diarrhea, digestive disturbances, menstrual, menopausal and pregnancy challenges, allergies, asthma, behavioral issues, chronic coughs and colds, flue, sleep disorders, alcoholism, eating disorders, sciatica, migraines etc. just to name a few... 

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