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Meditation has long been the cornerstone of Jennifer's personal practice towards greater well being. 


In this busy world, many often become stressed due to all the demands they place on themselves. The untamed mind spins out of control. Negative belief patterns reworked again and again, year after year, can manifest in our body and disturb our health. Meditation helps one to settle the mind, allowing greater levels of balance and awareness to be achieved. When the mind is calm one can live more fully in the present moment with greater clarity and inner peace. One naturally becomes more patient and able to deal with the challenges that life brings. Becoming more deeply connected to the source, one is thereby able to actualize their creativity with greater fluidity.


Jennifer Meihofer can help individuals and groups develop a meditation practice for greater levels of peace, balance, health and creative actualization.


Hamptons, Long Island, United States, The World

Phone: 631-445-1884

Email: Spiritcatcherstudio@gmail.com


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Jennifer is a Professional Photographer! I offer a Professional Wedding Photography package as well! Perfect for smaller weddings that would like beautiful portraits without commiting to a huge photography contract. 

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