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Spirit Catcher Ceremonies

"I have been helping create beautiful, rich, often funny, always meaningful wedding ceremonies for the past twenty years and have loved every one of them!! It is truly an honor and a privlidge to celebrate such wonderful ocassions with people from all walks of life, sharing in their culture, their rich stories and especially their love!"


Jennifer Meihofe

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Custom Wedding Ceremonies

I am a non-denominational Ordained Interfaith Minister/Spiritual Counselor/Celebrant who creates and performs beautiful and memorable ceremonies which reflect the personal beliefs of my clients. My quest to study all spiritual traditions has lead me to travel the world and experience a variety of culturals first hand. I love connecting with people and having the opportunity to peer into their hearts and share in their stories. I bring this essence into creating beautiful celebrations of love and life for all my clients! With an open heart I bring warmth, joy, laughter and professionalism to your special day! Whatever your background, or religion, whether you are spiritual or atheist, love connects us all! Let's celebrate life and love together! Ceremonies in Spanish!! Same - Sex marriages are welcome with open arms! 

Some ceremonies include:

  1. Custom, Semi Custom, Simple Elegant Ceremonies/Renewal of Vows
  2. Baby Naming
  3. House Blessings
  4. Funerals

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Why Interfaith?

Couples choose an Interfaith ceremony  for a variety of reasons. Often individuals want their union to encompass a more spiritual feeling with less religious overtones. Or perhaps they come from different faiths and would like the ceremony to include components of both traditions. Some times couples want no ritual at all and prefer an more straight forward approach. 


Whatever the reason, an Interfaith ceremony allows couples to celebrate their marriage with the essence of heart that reflects their love and commitment to one another in a way that is most suitable to them.

Just Right for You!

By sitting down together we explore your personal beliefs and focus on what has heart and meaning for you, both individually and as a couple. We often start by writing a custom passage to introduce your personal story of how you met and why you fell in love. We also examine a variety of pre-written passages, that seem to reflect your own beliefs, write our own, and or combine the two methods. In this way we can create a unique and special ceremony that expresses the essence of your heart...

What is an Interfaith Minister?

Interfaith Ministers are nondenominational. Ordained as spiritual counselors, our mission brings us to a deeper level of consciousness and our connection to the Universal Life Force that gives rise to all creation. We offer guidance in the fundamental principals of living and healing to all beings regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic background.


Pursuant to New York State Corporate Law #402, we are recognized as members of the clergy and are legally allowed to perform marriages and other ceremonies.

Ceremonies Performed in Spanish!

I perfom Ceremonies in Spanish! Although I have a strong Intermediate level of conversational Spanish, I can read and pronounce Spanish very well. I currently work from a couple of civil ceremonies, which I often incorporate special elements to personalize for my clients! 


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Jennifer Meihofer


Bridgehampton, NY 11932


Phone: 631-445-1884


Email: Spiritcatcherstudio@gmail.com


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$100 off all Winter Weddings from December through March! Holidays and Eves, not included. 


Jennifer is a Professional Photographer! I offer a Professional Wedding Photography package as well! Perfect for smaller weddings that would like beautiful portraits without commiting to a huge photography contract. 

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