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Memorials and Funerals

Death is a sacred passage we all will face. It is as certain as birth…

It is natural for those left behind to grieve the loss of a loved one. Yet our culture often treats death and the dying process with shadow rather than light. Life is a gift…something to be celebrated and honored. Each life is precious and has been on a remarkable journey. Of short or long duration, each life has an important impact on the world around us. This tender and challenging time of loss can also be a beautiful opportunity of healing an even joyfulness as we remember loved ones.


As a Funeral Officiant, I create very personal and touching ceremonies to honor the memory of the departed. By talking with family and friends, I elicit the essence of an individual’s life and what had heart and meaning for them. As an Interfaith Minister, I am non denominational and can honor all religious and cultural persuasions creating a ceremony that most reflects your loved one and family's personal and spiritual beliefs.  With warmth and compassion, I offer professional yet caring guidance and healing to those who are experiencing the transcendence of a loved one.



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Jennifer is a Professional Photographer! I offer a Professional Wedding Photography package as well! Perfect for smaller weddings that would like beautiful portraits without commiting to a huge photography contract. 

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