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Types of Wedding Ceremonies

I specialize in creating beautiful, engaging ceremonies custom tailored to my clients wishes. It is a wonderful gift couples offer one another and puts the attention where it should be - on the celebration of your unique love!


However, every couples needs are different, so I offer three approaches toward providing you with the ceremony that is just right for you- all of which I put special care into assuring will make your day a celebration you will never forget! 

Full Custom Ceremony

We begin with an initial consultation. There is an interview process that involves talking to both parties about how they met, and why they fell in love. They choose from a variety of passages, and rituals.  This process usually takes from 1-1 1/2 hours depending on the couple and how freely they open up. Often couples find this process very bonding as they have the opportunity to share things not always verbalized before. They focus on the ceremony and their commitment to each other in a very profound way. Every story is unique and beautiful! Sometimes light and playful, sometimes deeply meaningful relflective of a challenging journey. Often it is both! I then go to work writing a personal story about the couple couple. It also includes the Semi Custom Ceremony element as described in the paragraph below. There is a great deal of contact. I then send them the ceremony for them to edit, to add or subtract changes in what ever way they choose. We would communicate over the phone and exchange several emails to confirm the final ceremony. I show up the day of the wedding and perform the ceremony indicated.


Average time invested 8-12 hours. Includes consultation,  phone conversations, e-mailing, travel and performance of wedding.

Semi -Custom Ceremony

In a consultation, together we explore all aspects of a ceremony. By discussing what has personal meaning for you, together we choose passages that reflect your heart. Some clients are spiritual but not religeous, others are atheist and want no mention of God. Some have a connection to a religion and would like elements reflected in their ceremony. There is an opportunity to include a variety of rituals if desired. Personalization is related to the choosing of these elements and making some modifications if necessary to suit you. However it does not include the personal story telling of a custom ceremony. Whatever your beliefs, spiritual, atheist or religious, we are sure to create a beautiful and unique ceremony just right for you! Additionally we will communicate over the phone and exchange several emails  to confirm the final ceremony. I would show up the day of the wedding and perform the ceremony indicated.


Average time invested -5–6 hours. Includes consultation, phone conversations, e-mailing, travel and performance of wedding.


Simple Elegant Ceremony

A  Simple Elegant Ceremony is a shorter, pre written, non religeous, yet heart felt ceremony that is perfect for elopements and those that are on a budget. It includes some of the most popular, beautiful, and cherished passages I have used throughout the years. Clients are always welcome to include their own vows, however personalization is limited. We would communicate over the phone and exchange one or two emails to confirm the ceremony. Although I offer all of my clients a free 15 minute in person consultation, there would be no interview process. I would show up the day of the wedding and perform the ceremony.


Average time invested -3.5 hours. Includes phone conversations, emailing, travel and performance of wedding.



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Jennifer is a Professional Photographer! I offer a Professional Wedding Photography package as well! Perfect for smaller weddings that would like beautiful portraits without commiting to a huge photography contract. 

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